Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'll be ur friend forever..

I'll be the sun that rises in the morn
I'll be the sunshine that brightens up your day
I'll be everything beautiful at dawn
I'll be there for you, every single day.

I'll be that butterfly, in the garden, fluttering
I'll be that sweet fragrance that wafts through the air
I'll be that cute little bird, merrily twittering.
You just have to look and you'll find me everywhere

I'll be the noisy, gurgling stream
I'll be those tiny pebbles; you pick up, on the shore
I'll be that green oak leaf shining in the sun's gleam
I'll be there for you, like I have been there before

I'll be those distant mountains towering high
I'll be that canopy of trees whispering in the woods
I'll be that bird soaring high up in the sky
I'll be the one there always to make you feel so good.

I'll be that sky, drenched in blue
I'll be those clouds all snowy and white
I'll be that rainbow, with colors so true
I'll never want to lose you out of my sight.

I'll be the rain, you love to dance in
I'll be that soft dri drizzle, sprinkling on your face
I'll be that song, you always keep singing
I'll be there in all that mist and haze

I'll be the shooting star you wish upon
I'll be that starlit sky you, always keep gazing
I'll be in your dreams,I'll be been there for eons,
I'll be there with you always and in everything.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Soldier's rime
I am sitting alone,
I feel like hell.
Really,I didn't want to tell.
But my loneliness has made me to write.
I cant decide was it wrong or right.
Was it wrong or right,to leave them behind.
Was it wrong or right,to make up my mind.T
hat I'd be alone,like a mad or a gone.
Was it wrong or right,to choose my aim
Was it wrong or right,to play the hellish game,
The game of my life,the biggest strife.
In which I've to cut my throat,with my own knife.
My love for country ,has put me in this place.
From where,I cant trace,any survival hope.
But Alas!!!! what can I do?
I've no other choice.coz a soldier,,,,,has not got any voice...
and I know,I can die any time..
..But no surprises....coz its every soldier's rime.....................

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Come on friends now,
hold your breath.
I am going to tell you about my,
encounter with death.

Last thing I remember
is my plane crash.
everything except me,
had become ash.

I was lying on
bare hot land.
There was nothing but
sand and sand.

In the midst of Sahara(desert)
I was lost.
wanted to return home,
at any cost.

The bloody red sun
was getting hot.
Distant objects were
appearing to float. [as appears in intensive heat]

There was nothing near,
but just Cactii,
and a few hungry Eagles
and kites in the sky.

There was nothing to eat,
nothing to drink,
nothing to listen,
except insects' tink.

After walking and walking,
I had lost all my power.
So Sad!!! on my grave,
there will be no flower.

Just closer to me (I saw)
there was lying a snake.
Shocked in the horror,
my mind began to shake.

I had forgotten
my all disguise.
coz death was standing,
in front of my eyes

All my face
had grown red.
suddenly I noticed that
the snake was dead.

Something to eat
I had to take.
I can't tell you,
how I eat that snake.

My destiny had made me
a wild beast.
coz I was enjoying
insects as feast.

But alas!!! I didn't have
any other choice.
But hey!!! just wait,
I heard some noise.

It was the voice of a car. (rescuers)
I had won from death,
the life's war.

This was not merely
a rescue team.
But it was also an
end of a deadly dream.

After few days,
I am back home
sitting in front of you,
telling about my roam.

The last message
I wanna spread.
Where you lose hope,
you are dead.


He is raptured,
His heart is captured
of the memories of past.
Past, which was dark,
which had left a mark,
permanently on his heart.
Heart, which was once tired,
of wattching his mother dying for him.
Heart which is happy
,bcoz he has got a work.
bcoz he can earn money.
bcoz he can feed his mother.
bcoz he will not depend on others.
But as soon he reached home.
There was lying some wet loam,
around a body,
which was covered with a cloth.
A body, for whom he had lived
for whom he had died,was dead.
He kept on crying but she had gone.
She couldn't listen her child's moan

Thursday, July 19, 2007


You know, how it feels
when people say you are gone,
and in the whole world you are left alone...
When you have have nobody to talk with,
when you have nobody to walk with.
when your thoughts are said to be bored,
when in all,only you are ignored
When your presence irritates all,
when you feel yourself very small.
when your life becomes a joke
,and your respect vanishes into smoke.
when your dignity,is burnt into ashes,
when whole attitude inside you,crashes.
Then comes the moment, you stop your breath.
you hate loving life,you start loving death....

-by Pulkit Popli

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

These are some of my poems....comments are requested....plz

Sunday, July 15, 2007

the battle field

I still remember that day,
Faces of soldiers were growing gray.
Guns were ready,
Armours were ready,
Men were searching for their prey..
This was the work of some political punk,
Who had made,
people's life a funk.
Fathers were crying,
mothers were crying Sisters were crying,
Brothers were crying,
Watching their life ,going to be sunk.
Rain was in mood to cause a flood,
Fighters were in mood to shed their blood.
Soldiers died,relatives cried..
Only Death was laughing
and life was on side.
Sky was full of smoke and fire,
Hearts was full of emotions and desire.
Some were shot in eye,
some in head,
The ground was full of bodies dead.
When all was lost,
the one side won,
The political punks were having fun.
But, what was the need of that ugly strife,
To end the innocent people's pimping life..